Heart Disease and Dental Health

Many people worry about heart disease. It is, after all, one of the most prevalent threats to health the world over. The British Heart Foundation reports that more than 160,000 deaths a year in the UK are the result of heart disease and related ailments.

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There are many causes of heart disease, ranging from lack of exercise, to poor diet, to extreme stress. However, many people do not realise that periodontal health can also have an impact on their cardiovascular system.

It is always a great idea to exercise, eat well, and control stress levels, but it also pays to be aware of every way that one can help safeguard against heart disease. A toothbrush and some floss, for only a few pounds outlay, can be a good weapon against both future heart disease and present-day gum and tooth problems.

Taking care of gums and teeth leads to not only good, healthy teeth, but may also have benefits that most people never even dream of, so don’t delay and book a trip to your local family dentist for a check-up today! If you’re near Plymouth, consider Highland Dental Practice.

How the Heart and the Gums Are Connected

To many people, the link between gum and tooth health with prospective heart attacks may seem a strange one. However, bacteria from the gums routinely turn up clustered in the plaque (not to be confused with the plaque that forms in the mouth!) in arteries.

Atherosclerosis, commonly known as 'hardening of the arteries', is the name for when various types of fats and other blood-carried substances find their way to the arteries of the heart and cling to their surfaces. Over time, this plaque (the collected name for all of that harmful detritus) builds and builds, gradually leading to a narrowing of the arteries. It is when the plaque accumulates in such quantities to severely narrow or completely block the arteries that the inevitable happens – strokes and heart attacks. It can depend on which artery, or even arteries, that are blocked, which will dictate what kind of problems one can experience.

* Bacteria from gum and tooth disease are to be found in plaque lining the arteries.

* There are links between this bacteria and Atherosclerosis or 'hardening of the arteries'.

* Depending on which arteries are affected, the results can cause strokes, blood clots, or heart attacks.

The harmful bacteria that can collect in an unhealthy mouth have been found in this plaque in the arteries, and there are a few different theories about how it contributes to cardiovascular disease.

Theories about the Connection

Bacteria from the gums can enter the bloodstream, this is a known fact. That they would make their way to their heart is no surprise. The question lies in how this bacteria is negatively affecting cardiovascular health.

One theory is that when bacteria stick to plaque deposits in the arteries, it is simply becoming part of the blockage. Therefore, the more unhealthy a person’s gums and teeth are, the more bacteria will get into their bloodstream, and the more matter there is to constrict the arteries.

Another theory is that the defences of the body could be to blame, in part. This theory postulates that the bacteria present in plaque in the arteries could be causing the body’s immune system to kick in and attack the rogue bacteria. The problem with this is that the body protects itself, in part, by causing inflammation in the affected area. When this is inside arteries, this is an obvious problem. The body’s immune defences sense the bacteria in the arteries and, as is their job, attempt to try to eradicate them. In the process, the arteries become enflamed. This, instead of helping the body, obviously puts it at more risk of a heart attack, as the blood flow to and from the heart becomes more and more restricted. This could increase the chances of strokes, blood clots, or heart attacks.

More and more research is coming to light, where researchers are discovering links between the body’s own defence responses and illnesses. It is ironic that the body, in its natural quest to heal and to help, may sometimes be causing more problems that anyone imagined.

* Bacteria from the gums can make its way into the bloodstream and, subsequently, the arteries of the heart.

* One theory is that bacteria clinging to plaque in the arteries adds to blockages and increases the risk of heart disease this way.

* Another theory postulates that the body’s defensive reactions to these bacteria in the arteries could be the problem. The body naturally inflames an area it is attempting to heal – when this is the heart, it is bad news.

* More and more links between the body’s defence against rogue bacteria and other problems and illness are coming to the fore.

Can Bad Gum and Tooth Health Cause Heart Attacks?

Now, it would be wrong to suggest that having a good dental health regimen would eliminate risks of heart problems. A well-rounded, healthy lifestyle will always be essential for anyone seeking to mitigate his or her chances of suffering from cardiovascular disease.

The right diet, exercise, and as little stress as possible, are always going to be the major planks of a healthy life. However, it does pay to be aware of every contributing factor. Knowledge is always useful, and the more a person has, the better of they will be.

The direct cause-and-effect links between gum bacteria and heart disease are not yet fully known. However, it is clear that there is most definitely a link.

There is some speculation as to whether gum disease is a contributor to cardiovascular problems, or if it is an indicator of said problems. It may even be that bleeding and/or receding gums are a sign of heart disease. Currently, thinking leans toward assuming that gum bacteria is a contributing factor to arterial blockages and disease, as its signs can clearly be found in the arteries of heart disease sufferers, but the opposite cannot be said to be true.

Whatever the case, research will continue onwards and only reveal more and more of the relationship as time goes on. Good periodontal health is always going to be its own reward, regardless of its connection to other problems.

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The apple cider vinegar is a blessing for one’s body for so many reasons that it cannot even be began to be described the enormous benefits it brings to health and well-being in general. Firstly, the most important thing about this vinegar is that it is natural, it is made from organic ingredients and you don’t even have to think about side- effects. Moreover, it is easy to find and easy to administer, and the results you get from using it are amazing. The first field in which this remedy is extremely beneficial is the detoxification. It is amazing how the acids in this vinegar can work in order to eliminate toxins and bowel irregularities in general. It is used for increasing blood circulation and it is said to have positive effects also on purifying the blood.

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